Last Day to Drop full-term courses

Sept 30

Fall in the Forest: Module II

Due: Oct 1

Course Withdrawal Period

Oct 26: Deadline to drop with grade of 'W'

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OAA will offer all services, planning appointments, and academic consultation via email, phone, video conferencing platforms, and other remote means. Please utilize the tabs above and review our homepage for updates.

For virtual walk-ins and planning appointments, and all other academic inquiries, please call 336.758.3320 or email

A comprehensive list of campus resources and support services are found here. Additionally, students may wish to utilize Wake’s Keep Learning site, created this past spring.

Wake Study Space: quiet places to study M-F, 7 am to 10 pm

Our Way Forward provides the most up-to-date information regarding academics and campus life for students and families.

*As of Monday, August 31st, students will need to email the course instructor to register for the course, the registration portal may be used to search open courses, however, the instructor must notify the University Registrar for the student to be added to the course.

September 9: final day to add full-term courses

View Academic Services Calendar for all deadlines and dates.

Explanations of all teaching modalities are found here.

For the Open Course Report, see here.

Learning Assistance Center and Disability Services offers free peer tutoring online.

WFU Virtual Study Abroad Fair September 21-25

Canvas is a centralized platform for online instruction: posting of course materials and  assignments, submission of work, and participation in group discussion.

Canvas guide for students

Canvas guide for faculty

Please remember, all WFU faculty, students, and staff have access to 24/7 live chat within Canvas and a WFU-dedicated support line, 833-383-5792, if you have any questions.

For students who are ill or quarantined, first seek urgent care by contacting your primary care physician and/or emergency services and follow the guidance from your local health department and the CDC. It is then required that you contact your professors as soon as able and follow protocol as explained on our medical emergencies page

Students needing to exit the university for any medical concern should view our polices on leaving and returning and contact our office by phone at 336.758.3320 or via email at

Student Adviser's Homepage

Follow WFU Student Advising for important dates, highlighted resources, and tips for success:

IG account for WFU Student Advising@WFUStudentAdvising

Twitter account for Office of Academic Advising, WFU and Student Advising@WFUStuAdvising