Frequently Asked Questions

How to find important dates for the University?

I want to make sure my son or daughter is successful, what are the academic support and campus engagement resources that are available?

My student is pursuing a pre-professional program after graduation; how can they prepare now to maximize their application?

My student is sick; what should they do, and how do they communicate this information to their professors?

  • If on campus, they should visit Deacon Health (Reynolds Gymnasium, Wellbeing Center, Ground Floor). Once there, make an appointment or wait to be seen,
  • If they are diagnosed with an ailment, especially one that will result in missed classes, they should ask that Deacon Health communicate directly with the Office of Academic Advising, who can then reach out to said professors to notify them of your student’s situation.
  • Your student is still responsible for communicating with their professors about adhering to what’s outlined in the syllabus (e.g. attendance, missed work, deadlines, exams, etc.).
  • If your student cannot be seen at Deacon Health or chooses to visit an off-campus provider, they should request that said provider communicate with Deacon Health about their condition (e.g. have the provider fax over information, etc.).

How can my student track their own progress?

  • Each student has access to a Degree Works audit, and this resource monitors completion toward degree and is a very useful planning tool.
  • Each student also has electronic access to their Undergraduate Bulletin, which outlines – for the year they entered Wake Forest University – the academic requirements for all majors, minors, and certificate programs.

If my student needs to leave the University for personal or medical reasons, what are his/her options?

How can I find the final exam schedule and what is the process for taking exams before or after the scheduled date?

  • You may access the aforesaid schedule here:
  • Any adjustments to the final exam schedule must be made at the discretion of your student’s professor; please encourage your student to have this conversation as early as possible in the semester.

I was told that I need special access to see my student’s grades. How do I get access to my student’s academic record?

My student is interested in being a part-time student, what does he/she need to do?

My student is thinking about transferring to another university. How would he/she go about starting that process?

  • If a student intends to leave Wake Forest and not return, they should visit the Office of Academic Advising to speak with an Academic Counselor about this process in more detail.

Is my student on track to graduate in 4 years?

  • Most combinations a student can pursue at Wake Forest University result in 120 degree hours; there are two options which require students to complete 135 hours.
  • The average number of hours a student takes every semester is 15; however, this may vary from student to student pending things such as AP credit, transfer credit, studying abroad, taking a rigorous course load, choosing to overload beyond 17 hours.