A student who is having a significant problem learning quantitative reasoning concepts/applications at the college level due to a specific Learning Disability in Math may apply for the alternative.

The Director of the Center for Learning Access and Student Success (CLASS) & Disability Services, or other designated licensed psychologist, reviews the documentation provided by the student; and if the criteria are met, writes a letter to the Committee on Academic Affairs (CAA) in support of the student’s request.

The CAA considers the support letter, the professor’s feedback, and the student’s written request; and if satisfied grants the student’s request for an alternative course.  If the alternative is approved a list of courses approved for the QR alternative will be provided to the student.

The alternative might include taking a 3rd course from Division V. In the case of the QR alternative choice being from Division V, the Division V requirement that the classes have to be from different departments might be waived upon approval by the CAA.

The student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Put forth a “good faith effort” at quantitative reasoning course in high school or at the college level. The professor must complete the feedback form attesting to the student’s good faith effort in the class.
  2. Provide a psycho-educational evaluation diagnosing a specific learning disability in Math. Documentation guidelines for verification are on the Center for Learning Access and Student Success (CLASS) website.