Over the years, we have recorded near 40,000 student visits since our origination in August 2009. We seek to provide a comprehensive system for academic advising, monitoring of student progress, and communication with faculty for proactive intervention/guidance when academic concerns arise. To that end, we are dedicated in our work and efforts to support all undergraduate students and advisers (faculty, staff, and students).

Services include but are not limited to the following:

Undergraduate Students

  • Connect to academic resources
  • Consults about academic challenges
  • General academic advice and guidance
  • Major/Minor planning
  • Midterm & Low Grade Outreach
  • Monitor student course registrations
  • Late adds & Course Withdrawal
  • Enrollment Status changes
  • Part-Time requests
  • Readmission, resumption
  • Credit overloads
  • Salem College Exchange
  • Exceptions to academic policies/rules
  • Consult and assist with communication to faculty
  • Provide letters of good standing
  • Connect students with pre-professional advisers
  • Select, train and supervise student advisers

Faculty and Staff Advisers

  • Assignment of lower-division advising groups
  • Workshops and support for new and continuing advisers
  • Partnership in support of advisees as needed
  • Information about academic events, deadlines, and resources
  • Ongoing evaluation and enhancement of advising resources, via dedicated listening to and communicating with both students and their advisers
  • Ongoing dialogue and learning about best possible advising practices
  • Outreach and follow-up for academic alerts
  • Encourage close attention to midterm and final grade reports and degree evaluations