An Incomplete (grade designation of “I”) may be assigned in a course only when a student fails to complete the work of a course because of an illness or some other extenuating circumstance that is beyond the student’s control (See Undergraduate Bulletin, search “Incomplete”).

Even if extenuating circumstances exist, it is the instructor’s prerogative concerning whether to allow an Incomplete, and documentation of the extenuating circumstances might be required for the intents and purposes of reviewing the grade change request associated with an Incomplete. Therefore, students should communicate with instructors as soon as possible if they are experiencing medical or other extenuating circumstances that interfere with meeting academic obligations. It is important that instructors are informed, and that they have the opportunity to convey any expectations of the student and whether they are open to allowing an incomplete.

** If you have questions about whether or not your situation warrants an incomplete, please contact the professor of the course.

The OAA can also consult about options when students face extenuating circumstances. Please visit our office at 125 Reynolda Hall or call 336-758-3320 for a walk-in to speak with an Academic Counselor.

If an Incomplete is assigned and the work recorded as an incomplete is not completed within 30 days after the student begins his or her next semester, then the final grade is automatically changed to the grade of ”F”. Additionally, Incompletes are temporarily counted as an “F” factoring into the cumulative and semester GPA until changed.