If you, or a student you know, is dealing with stressful personal situations and experiencing difficulty due to an illness, stress, or the adjustment to college life, please seek help. There are many excellent academic resources and campus services available to support students and provide accountability. In addition to our office, we encourage students to reach out to their academic advisors. They, too, can direct resources and offer valuable guidance. Wake Forest University is designed for students to find much needed community and support.

We encourage students not to wait in time of personal concern or crisis, but rather reach out as soon as possible. Faculty members should also be contacted and informed if absences and time away from campus will be needed.

The Office of the Chaplain (336.758.5210) and the University Counseling Center (336.758.5273) are available to assist students dealing with various situations and will offer individual guidance for personal cases that students may not wish to share in our office. The Office of Academic Advising is available to follow up with faculty members, after a student’s initial contact with them, to update them on your situation. If a situation might cause a student to make adjustments to their academic schedule or enrollment status, our office is available to guide them in that process.