A student’s academic eligibility to continue is determined by the number of hours passed and the grade point average.

Any student whose GPA falls below the required minimum is placed on academic probation, and will have a grace period of one semester to raise the GPA to the required level. Students also have the option of attending summer school at Wake Forest in an effort to raise their GPA.

The Committee on Academic Affairs will suspend students who earn six or fewer grade points in any given semester in courses other than CNS 353; military science courses; MSC 140MSC 147MSC 150MSC 175AMSC 175HMSC 185 (ensemble courses); DCE 128; and elective 100-level courses in health and exercise science. 

If poor academic performance is attributable to circumstances over which the student clearly had no control (e.g., serious injury or illness), the student may, after consultation with an academic counselor or dean in the Office of Academic Advising, petition the CAA for further consideration of his or her status.

Additionally, the CAA may at any time suspend or place on probation any student who has given evidence of academic irresponsibility, such as failing to attend class regularly, failing to complete papers, examinations, or other work on time, or failing to maintain a minimum GPA.  

In deciding whether to permit exceptions to the foregoing eligibility requirements, the Committee on Academic Affairs will take into account such factors as convictions for violations of the College honor code or social conduct code, violations of the law, and any other behavior demonstrating disrespect for the rights of others.

In cases where failure was due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, he or she may appeal.

Students are responsible for knowing their academic standing at all times. Ant student whose GPA falls below the required minimum will have a grace period of one semester to raise the average to the required level. Students also have the option of attending summer school at Wake Forest in an effort to raise the average.

Honor Code or Conduct Violations

Any student who is suspended or placed on probation because of honor code or conduct code violations may be placed on such special academic probation as determined by the Committee on Academic Affairs (CAA).

Any student convicted of violating the honor code and, as a result, suspended from the University or assigned the penalty of “activities suspension” is ineligible to represent the University in any way until the period of suspension is completed and the student is returned to good standing. Such students also may not be initiated into any fraternity or sorority during the time of the sanction. No student suspended from Wake Forest may take coursework at another institution and have that work transferred to Wake Forest for credit.

To be eligible to continue in the College, students must maintain:

For Hours PassedMinimum Cumulative GPA Required
Fewer than 301.60
At least 30 but fewer than 601.70
at least 60 but fewer than 901.80
90 and above1.90

Any student who is in academic difficulty is urged to seek advice and counsel from his or her academic advisor, Office of Academic Advising, Learning Assistance Center, and others:

The Office of Academic Advising uses an Academic Action Plan to make clear our expectations of students who have been suspended, been on probation, or experienced similar academic difficulties in prior semesters. This plan includes meeting regularly with such students. In all cases, we work closely with academic advisors, Campus Life, The Office of Personal and Career Development, The Counseling Center, and other offices in attempts to support,  mentor, and educate the whole student.