The Committee on Academic Affairs (CAA) is an executive committee of the faculty charged with hearing and deciding on requests for exceptions to rules (e.g., late adds, late drops, late grade mode changes, suspension appeals, retroactive medical withdrawals) and requests for readmission following suspension. 

The CAA is comprised of administrators, six elected faculty members who serve a three-year term, and one student representative. The CAA meets every other week.

If a student has the need to petition the CAA for an exception, he/she should first review the academic policies and procedures outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin and then meet with a member of the Office of Academic Advising staff to discuss the request.

Requests must be presented to the OAA staff in writing and must include the student’s signature. OAA staff will explain the process regarding documentation and the timing of submission.

Powers and Duties…

(1) To concern itself with all academic matters dealing with individuals and with the interpretation and enforcement of the academic rules and regulations of the Faculty as they apply to individual situations; to consider all academic matters that may be brought to its attention, but not otherwise provided for in the Constitution, Bylaws, or Statutes of the Faculty; and at its discretion to act on these matters unless otherwise provided for, or to make recommendations to the Faculty.

(2) To oversee the academic progress of undergraduate students in the College and to take action in cases in which it deems this progress to be unsatisfactory. This action may include placing the student on academic probation, the conditions of which are to be established by the Committee. This action may also be suspension from the College.

(3) To hear petitions from students who wish to alter or be excused from academic obligations or established regulations and practices. In instances in which a requirement for graduation is to be waived, the Committee shall submit the petition to the Faculty for action. In all other instances, the Committee shall act for the Faculty.

(4) To act upon the application of a student for readmission to the College. In readmitting a student, the Committee may designate the Catalog Bulletin under which that student is to be graduated, except that no Bulletin more than six years old shall be used. The Committee may impose conditions of academic probation upon the student upon readmission. If the record of the student includes misconduct or misbehavior, the appropriate judicial body shall be invited to submit its recommendation regarding readmission and conditions of probation.

(5) To submit to the Faculty for approval the academic calendar for each year.

(6) To submit to the Faculty for approval policies and regulations regarding the scheduling of classes and final examinations.

(7) To approve the schedule of classes and final examinations for each semester and term in accordance with guidelines established by the Faculty.

Faculty Handbook, page 64