Students may not take more than 17 credit hours in a single fall or spring semester without special permission. The limit for summer is 7 credit hours per session.

Students who wish to exceed the maximum credit hours must complete the following steps:

  1. Discuss with their primary academic advisor (student can confirm who their primary academic advisor is under WIN=> Virtual Campus=> Degreeworks “Primary Advisor“) the desired course(s) they wish to add, the total number of credit hours if the credit overload is approved, and the reasons for the request to exceed the maximum hour limit.
  2. If advisor approval is given, students must obtain a written statement from their primary academic advisor verifying that an informed conversation has occurred.
  3. Then, fill out the Credit Overload Request Form along with uploading the advisor’s statement, and submit the request form.

Once the request is received, an academic counselor will review it and notify the student when a decision is made. If it is approved, we will notify the University Registrar to adjust the maximum hours allowed, then it is the student’s responsibility to add the course through the registration portal before the last day to add the course.

*Exceeding 17 hours is not permitted for a given semester until registration for that term is completed.

*Exceeding 17 hours is rarely approved for new students in their first semester.