Credit Overload/Exceed 17 Hrs

Students may not take more than 17 credit hours in a single fall or spring semester without special permission. The limit for summer is 7 credit hours per session.

Students who wish to exceed the maximum credit hours must complete the following steps:

  1. Discuss with their primary academic adviser (student can confirm who their primary academic adviser is under WIN=> Virtual Campus=> Degreeworks “Primary Advisor“) the desired course(s) to add, the specific number of credit hours, and the reasons for increasing their load.
  2. If adviser approval is given, students must email the Office of Academic Advising ( and include the documented conversation. If the discussion occurred via phone or video conference, please request the primary academic adviser notify our office.

Once support is received from both the student’s primary academic adviser and the Office of Academic Advising, the request will then be approved or sent to the Committee on Academic Affairs for approval. Upon approval, it is the responsibility of the student to add the course in the registration portal.

*Exceeding 17 hours is not permitted for a given semester until registration for that term is complete.

*Exceeding 17 hours is rarely approved for new students in their first semester.