Course Availability

For Course Descriptions, prerequisites and co-requisites, and for all related details and policies, view the Undergraduate BulletinsFor the most accurate sections times, days, and courses being offered in a particular term, check the registration portal in WIN.

When registering for a course, familiarize yourself with registration “How-To’s” so that you are aware of the necessary terminology and processes. 

Looking for open seats to add a course? View OPEN COURSE REPORT (to the right). During the add/drop period, OAA regularly posts a report which lists all courses with open seats, meeting times, enrollment numbers, waitlist capacity, and more. Once an open seat is identified, students must contact the course instructor for permission to add the course. If permission is given, then the instructor will need to communicate with the University Registrar for the student to be officially added.

Summer courses, online or on campus, offer the opportunity to get ahead, retake a course, or to simply spread out your course workload. Visit for more information.