An ideal liberal arts education allows you to create a balanced schedule that facilitates broad yet strategic exploration of your interests. To that end, the Office of Academic Advising and the academic departments on campus have collaborated to create guides that include appropriate courses for students interested in any major at Wake Forest University. These guides are meant to provide direction and recommendations as you explore the many options available to you. We know you have diverse interests and ambitious goals, and we are here to support you as you explore the various fields of knowledge that comprise the liberal arts curriculum at Wake Forest.

Although many of these guides include several courses, you have choices!  Unless otherwise noted, all courses listed will count toward the major in some way, but they are not all necessarily required. In some cases, it is advised to prioritize certain courses early (first-year or even first-semester) for reasons of availability or prerequisites. Nonetheless, almost all majors allow some flexibility within the first year or two concerning when you begin your exploration.

At the bottom of every guide, you can see which courses carry divisional credit or satisfy the cultural diversity or quantitative reasoning requirement. You will also find links with more information about AP/IB credit should the possibility of credit affect your selection of courses.

Review the core requirements of Wake Forest University’s liberal arts curriculum and look at specific major guides on the right.

Please feel welcome to contact the Office of Academic Advising should any questions arise about these guides or course choices.