Withdrawal and Readmission

If a student wishes to leave the University, there are two procedures under which a student may be able to do so:


A student who intends to interrupt full or part-time status on a voluntary or medical basis, or any student who is suspended for academic or judicial reasons, is deemed to have withdrawn from the University. A student who initially requests continuous enrollment status, but who has been in that status for more than two semesters (or one year), is re-classified as withdrawn. In addition, any student who discontinues class attendance or does not properly resume full or part-time status, but who has not properly requested continuous enrollment status in advance, will also be deemed to have withdrawn.

A student who discontinues class attendance during an academic term from the College or the Schools of Business without officially applying for continuous enrollment status or withdrawal is assigned failing grades in all current courses, and is deemed to have withdrawn. No withdrawal can be finalized until laptop computers, connecting cables, Wake Forest University ID cards, residence hall keys (if applicable), mailbox keys, and library materials, along with any other pertinent University property items, have been
returned to the appropriate offices.

Impact on withdrawn student:

  • The WFU computing account will be deactivated shortly following withdrawal. The withdrawing student must plan for this event by:
  • Withdrawn students do not retain registration privileges.
  • Tuition, fees, room rent, and related charges will not be refunded for findings of responsibility within the undergraduate student judicial review process.
  • Return of Title IV funds will be handled in accordance with federal law.

For more information on withdrawal procedures, and to obtain the necessary forms, please contact the Office of Academic Advising to meet with an academic counselor.

Readmission Procedures

Students looking to return to active status with the University may may apply for readmission.

The Committee on Academic Affairs oversees the readmission of former students. In making a decision on whether to readmit, the Committee considers both the academic and non-academic records of the student.

To be readmitted, a student must have previously attended Wake Forest University. Students who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the College or the School of Business may apply for readmission as post-graduate, unclassified students.

Students who have been ineligible to continue for academic reasons must present to the Committee an intentional plan to raise their academic standing to acceptable standards.

A student who withdraws from the University for medical or psychological reasons must submit documentation from his or her physician or therapist to either the director of the Student Health Service or the director of the University Counseling Center attesting to his or her readiness to resume a full academic program. The physician or therapist should also provide professional guidance to these directors as to the nature of the student’s ongoing care once readmitted.

Students who have left the university for psychological reasons should review the following website and provide the included documentation to their licensed mental health provider to complete and return to the University Counseling Center: Documentation from the University Counseling Center.

International students in F-1 or J-1 visa status must allow a minimum of 60 days from the date of readmission to return to WFU. This will allow adequate time to re-issue a new I-20 and apply for a new F-1 or J-1 visa. Students should contact International Students & Scholars (ISS) at iss@wfu.edu or (336) 758-5938 upon readmission to begin this process.

Students whose withdrawals from the University were as the result of an honor or judicial conviction must satisfy fully any sanctions placed upon them prior to being considered for readmission. In addition to University-imposed sanctions, other non-academic grounds for denial of readmission may include violations of the law of the land and behaviors that have demonstrated disregard for the rights of others.

Should a student, upon leaving the University, fail to comply with the proper withdrawal procedures, “holds” may be placed upon his or her record that will prevent readmission consideration until such matters are resolved.

Any readmitted student who hopes to receive transfer consideration for work done elsewhere must provide the University with a properly documented statement attesting to his or her good standing at the institution from which the transfer credit would come. Additionally, an official copy of the student’s transcript must be made available to the Office of the Registrar at Wake Forest University.

No student on social or academic probation or suspension from Wake Forest may take coursework at another institution and have that work transferred to Wake Forest for credit.

The link to download the Application for Readmission is below. Please read the instructions listed on the application and mail or fax the form to:

The Office of Academic Advising
Wake Forest University
P.O. Box 7225
Winston-Salem, NC 27109


Fax: (336) 758-4548

Once our office receives your application, you may be contacted for additional information. Once a decision is made, you will be contacted and provided with further instructions.

Deadlines for application for readmission are:

For Fall Enrollment – August 1
For Spring Enrollment – December 1
For Summer Enrollment- April 15

Readmission Application