Below is the information you need to include in your email when reaching out to the instructor to ask for a POI.

1. Polite Introduction: Dear Professor______

Be sure to address them by their correct title. If you aren’t sure, Professor is a safe bet!

2.  Introduce yourself: My name is_____ and …

If you’re adding a class for your major, it may be helpful to add that information in here.

3. Let them know WHICH course you wish to add

More often than not, professors are teaching multiple courses. Adding course code- e.g. HES 120 and Course Reference Number (CRN) will help them find the right POI.

4. Let them know why you wish to add the course

Here you can expand more on your situation, like needing the course for your major, minor, or divisional credit (or just that this class sounds really cool and interesting)!

5. Propose a plan to help you get caught up

Offer to get notes from a classmate, ask about any assignments or reading you missed, or ask about office hours.

6. Thank them for their time!