Part-Time Status at Wake Forest

Students who wish to attend Wake Forest University on a part-time basis may obtain permission by completing and submitting a Part-Time Status Petition Form.

  1. Students must request permission for Part-Time Status before the last day to add a course in a given semester.  (See the appropriate academic calendar for specific dates.)
  2. Students should make inquiries into how a change to Part-Time Status will affect their health insurance coverage, overall financial aid, and housing options before submitting this form.
  3. Approval for part-time status requires that students pay for such work on a per hour basis.
  4. Petitions for part-time status after the last day to add a course will be denied, except in the case of special circumstances, and the student will be required to pay full tuition.
  5. Part-time students may be ineligible for campus housing unless an exception is made by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

To be considered for Part-Time Status, complete the online Part-Time Status Petition Form (link also available below).

Alternatively, if you would like to talk with an academic counselor about your Part-Time Status Petition prior to submitting your request, please visit the Office of Academic Advising (Reynolda 125) during our walk-in hours (10 am to 4 pm on weekdays). You may obtain a paper copy of the Part-Time Status Petition Form during this meeting and submit that form in person.

Part-Time Status Petition Form Link to Live Form: