Foreign Language Placement Requirements

All students new to Wake Forest who have studied a foreign language in high school must complete foreign language placement. Students will not receive credit for a class at a lower level than the level of their placement on the placement exam, unless they:

a. register for the class in which they placed;
b. attend a few class meetings;
c. consult with their professor; and
d. successfully appeal their placement to the language placement appeals officers of the department and be reassigned to a lower level course.

If a student scores a 3 or higher on an AP language exam (4 or higher on AP Latin) or 6 or higher on an IB foreign language test, they do not need to take the Foreign Language Placement Test as their foreign language placement will be based upon their AP/IB score. For more information on placement based on AP/IB score, please consult the [following table].

Students who continue with another foreign language must take a placement test in that one, too; if not during orientation, then before registering for a course in it.

Students whose primary language (including the language of instruction in the student’s prior schooling) is other than English are exempt from the basic requirement in foreign language and must fulfill the Division II requirements with a course whose readings do not concentrate on the literature of the student’s primary language. It is the student’s responsibility to alert the Registrar if the student degree audit at the end of first semester freshman year does not show the student as having satisfied the foreign language requirement.

Students whose schooling has been in English but who are fluent in a language not taught at Wake Forest must present the equivalent of a 200-level college course in the second language to be exempt from the requirement; the language review committee for international students decides in such cases. If the second language is taught at Wake Forest, the relevant department decides whether the student may complete the requirement in that language or may be regarded as having fulfilled the requirement already. Elective courses in the language or literature of a student’s heritage or country of origin are at the discretion of the department offering the course. Students can write to Dr. Tom Phillips, Associate Dean of the College, to learn more about how best to show and confirm this equivalency.