Course Withdrawal Period

March 30: Deadline to drop with grade of 'W'

Course Withdrawal Period

Students have until March 30, 2021 by 5 p.m. to withdraw from a course with instructor and adviser email notification to our office.

***Please communicate with your instructors and measure your progress PRIOR to the deadline.

To request a course withdrawal:  

  • First, students must communicate with the course instructor and their academic adviser via email, phone, other remote means, or in-person. These conversations are critical to an informed decision about a drop at this point in the term.
  • Next, students must obtain a written statement from both the instructor and adviser verifying that an informed conversation has occurred. Forward or request that the statements be emailed to with the following identifiers:  student name, student ID, course title, course reference number (CRN), and the remaining credit hours on the student’s schedule.
  • Lastly, an academic counselor will review the documentation and notify the student and the University Registrar for the course to be dropped with a grade of ‘W’.

Classes dropped during the Course Withdrawal Period will result in a “W” on the transcript.

Courses may not be dropped after 5 pm (EST) on the last day of the Course Withdrawal Period.

See course withdrawal policy in Undergraduate Bulletin. Details also found under our academic exceptions tab.