Spring 2021 Advising and Registration Student FAQs

  • When is the advising period?

    Lower division advising (for students who have not yet declared a major) and major/minor advising will take place November 2-18. Students will be contacted by their advisers to discuss their academic plans for the spring semester. Students can also seek assistance from the Office of Academic Advising (OAA).

  • How will advising meetings take place?

    All advising meetings for Spring 2021 will be conducted virtually. You should expect to meet with your adviser over ZoomGoogle Meet, or other electronic means including Skype and Webex.

  • What if I do not hear from my adviser prior to the advising period?

    You should hear from your adviser prior to the advising period. If you do not, you should try to reach your adviser via email or phone. Contact information is available via a Directory located in WIN. If you are not successful in reaching your adviser, please consult with the Office of Academic Advising via email (undergraduateadvising@wfu.edu) about next steps.

  • How should I prepare for my advising meeting?

    There are many ways to go about preparing for your advising meeting. If you are currently exploring majors, the following resources were designed with you in mind: Programs of Study, which are housed in the University Bulletin, and Departmental Course Guides, which are housed on OAA’s website. You should also browse the Spring 2021 course offerings in the Registration Portal; these will become available on October 30th, and you will be able to choose from the following modalities. A thorough review of your DegreeWorks is also advised so that you know what you’ve completed thus far and what still lies ahead of you. The “What If” feature in DegreeWorks is particularly helpful if you would like to know how the courses you’ve already completed would apply to one program of study versus another.

  • I have more than one adviser. With whom should I meet?

    Some students do have more than one adviser. You should meet with your assigned lower-division adviser (if you are undeclared) or assigned major adviser (if you have declared). If you have more than one major adviser, either adviser may release your PIN for registration, but you are encouraged to meet with all advisers to ensure that you are making satisfactory progress through the requirements for each of your academic programs.

  • What should I expect to discuss in a meeting with my adviser?

    In your advising meeting, be prepared to discuss your academic strengths, interests, and goals, especially as they relate to Spring 2021 course selection. Additionally, be prepared to talk through any challenges you have encountered at Wake Forest, academic or otherwise. If you have questions or concerns about your midterm grades and options for improvement, speak up about them. Your adviser understands that what happens to you as a person affects what you can accomplish as a student. Getting connected to campus resources is important, and your adviser can facilitate these important connections.

  • Do I need a PIN for registration? If so, how do I obtain it?

    Yes, all Wake Forest students will need a PIN to complete registration for Spring 2021. Meeting with your assigned academic adviser is the only way to obtain your PIN. Before your advising meeting concludes, ensure that you have received your PIN from your adviser. If you do not receive a copy of your PIN via email, save your PIN to your phone so that it’s readily accessible when you need it.