Spring 2021 Advising and Registration – Adviser FAQs

  • When is the advising period?

    Lower division advising (for students who have not yet declared a major) and major/minor advising will take place November 2-18. You should plan to contact your students to discuss their academic plans for the spring semester. Students can also seek assistance from the Office of Academic Advising (OAA). Please remember that students must meet with you to obtain the PIN necessary for registration.

  • How will advising meetings take place?

    All advising meetings for Spring 2021 will be conducted virtually. You should expect to meet with your advisees over Zoom, Google Meet, or other electronic means including Skype and Webex.

  • What if my advisees don’t respond?

    If students fail to make an appointment or miss scheduled appointment(s) with you, you may ultimately request or insist that they be advised in OAA.  If you refer them to our office, please caution them that we might not be able to advise them prior to their registration time. This is particularly true if the referral happens a day or two prior to registration.  In other words, delayed advising might be a natural consequence for students who fail to schedule or show up for their advising meetings until the last moment.  We will always do our best to help you and to help our students, but the advising/midterm grade outreach period is extremely busy, particularly in the current circumstances, and we might not have last-minute appointments available for students who have not followed through in meeting with you.

  • What if my advisee loses their PIN before registration?

    Please refer to the Office of Academic Advising’s Lost PIN Policy.

  • What is different about Spring 2021 registration?

    Registration rounds start on Thursday, November 19.  In the first round (November 19-20, 11:59 pm) students can register for up to 8 hours.  In the second round (November 23-24), students can complete registration up to 17 hours.  Students have assigned dates and times by class during which they can log onto WIN and register using their PINs (which are required only once; PINs are not needed in Round II if students have registered in Round I).  Each student can register at any time after the student’s assigned time and up to the closing time for each round.  Registration times are set based on completed hours, so most first and second-year students will begin registration the second day of each round, although some will have earlier start times if they are in a higher classification by credit hours.

  • What modalities are being offered for Spring 2021 classes?

    Here is a useful infographic of Spring 2021 modalities as well as a useful infographic to help your advisees navigate the registration portal.