WFU Student Advising

2021 Student Adviser Leadership Council
2021 Student Adviser Leadership Council

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Student Advisers are competitively selected through an application and interview process every spring. Applications will be posted on this page every fall term. The SA Leadership Council and OAA’s Coordinators will review all applications. If approved, first time applicants will be contacted for a follow-up video interview. 

Once the video interview has been reviewed, and approved, applicants are then scheduled for a group orientation February. If selected, SAs receive training to serve as mentors, academic guides, advocates, and peer leaders for incoming students beginning the following fall.

**Returning SAs complete the application and are prompted for a mandatory reference check from their faculty adviser pair and advisees. Speak with your Leadership Council representative for further details.

SA Tips for Success and Reasons to become a WFU Deacon!

Each year, incoming first-year students are assigned both a faculty advisor and student advisor (SA). In tandem, we serve as a guide through New Deac Week and the student’s first semester at Wake Forest University to help smooth the collegiate transition. SAs provide guidance individually and within small advising groups on general academic inquiries, class selection, building a social network, and connecting students with resources on and off campus that will aid in their overall experience at WFU. Working closely with lower-division advisors and the Office of Academic Advising, we develop and support academic plans built on the values, goals, and career aspirations of incoming students.Role of student advisers