WFU Student Advising

Student Advising Leadership Council

2021 SA Leadership Council

Each year, incoming students are assigned both a lower-division faculty/staff advisor and student advisor (SA). In tandem, student advisors serve as a guide throughout orientation and the student’s first semester. SAs assist the lower-division advisor with individual and small group advising by offering insight on class selection, building a social network, and academic support services. They are trained to answer most general academic inquiries. Working closely with lower-division advisors and OAA, SAs support their peers in developing academic plans built on values, goals, and career aspirations.

Role of student advisers

The Selection Process…

Student Advisers are competitively selected through an application and interview process that occurs every fall.  Applications will be posted on this page. The Office of Academic Advising will review applications by assessing the student’s academic record (2.8 min GPA required) and inquire of any University sanctions. The student must remain in good statnding throughout spring training and the term of service.

Approved first time applicants will be contacted for a video interview. The video interview will be reviewed and discussed by the SA Leadership Council. Selected applicants are then scheduled for a group orientation to learn more and agree to the responsibilities. Student Advisers receive training and support to serve as peer leaders and academic guides for incoming students each fall.

**Returning SAs will be prompted for a mandatory reference check from their faculty/staff adviser pair and advisees once the application is complete. Speak with your Leadership Council representative for further details.

Student Advising Leadership Council Member Spotlight!
This is Katherine Finch 🎉She is a Junior philosophy major and politics and dance minor. She was born in California, raised in New York City, has lived in D.C. Katherine is an excellent ballet dancer, a podcast host, Vice President of the pre-law fraternity, and not to mention the chair of the student advising leadership council. She loves running and is a chocoholic. Katherine has been such an amazing chair on the council and we are so thankful to have her in our team!

Next LC Spotlight goes to Matt Albren, who’s a Sophomore from Massachusetts Majoring in Communication and Minoring in Psychology! As a Tour Guide and a Student Adviser, Matt loves being a resource for incoming/new students and trying to make the process of transitioning into college as enjoyable as possible. Matt’s an avid fan of all things Disney (from Star Wars to Pixar to Marvel); adores his two cats, Chai and Puff (even though he’s with his friend’s dog, Theo, in this photo); and he loves traveling (Disney World, the Grand Canyon, and Barcelona have been some of his favorite spots). Thank you Matt!

SPOTLIGHT SATURDAY!!! Meet outstanding Leadership Council Member Maya Dalton!!

Maya is a junior from Fairmont, WV and a Politics and International Affairs major with Statistics and Communication minors. Some fun facts about Maya is that she has over 30 houseplants, loves anything Marvel, and enjoys exercising.

“The transition to college is such a huge moment in life. I’m so grateful I had my student adviser as a resource and have loved giving back to the Wake community in the same way!”


LC MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! This week, we are pumped to introduce Student Advising Leadership Council Member Louis Morrell. Louis is a junior and a mathematical economics major, with minors in statistics and history. He is from Houston, TX as well! At Wake he enjoys running, whether it’s on the Reynolda Trails or throughout campus! In his free time, he is the senior director for Hit The Bricks. We are so lucky to have Louis on the leadership council!!!


Everyone meet our outstanding Student Adviser and Leadership Council Member, Christian! Christian is a Chemistry major with a minor in Secondary Education! He is from Columbus Ohio and really enjoys running, movies, and pineapple on pizza (he says sorry!)! He is also really into music, and he plays the saxophone and keyboard. Some of his favorite musicians are Stevie Wonder and Dua Lipa.

“Being on the leadership council has been so amazing! I love getting involved with advising, scheduling courses, and making the first semester of college the best for incoming students.”

We are so grateful for all of Christian’s major contributions to student advising! He is absolutely killing it!