Pre-Professional & Graduate Advising

Who should I contact for Pre-Health Professions information?

Dr. Carole L. Gibson
Phone: (336) 758-5318
Pre-Health Professions Website:
Advising for the Health Professions Handbook (PDF)

Where can I find Pre-Law information?

Pre-Law Website:

Where can I find information on Graduate School (Master’s & Doctoral degrees)?

Pre-Graduate School Website: WFU OPCD – Explore Graduate School

Who should I contact for information on the Pre-Business Program?

Sharon Payne ( or Lynn Zimmerman (

Undergraduate Business Programs:
School of Business: Course Advice for Lower Division Students:

Who should I contact for information on the Pre-Engineering/Engineering Program?

Dr. Olga Pierrakos, Founding Chair of the Department of Engineering
Wake Engineering Website:

Dr. Daniel Kim-Shapiro
Pre-Engineering Website:
Wake Forest major in Engineering (BS) FAQs (PDF)