Living Learning Community Survey and Writing Course Survey

by on June 22, 2018
Attention Incoming Class of 2022 Students: Your Directed Self-Placement (DSP) recommendation has been emailed to your WFU email account as of Friday June 22, 2018.


Please note the following:
  • The DSP is a reading-writing-reflective task that helps you determine which of the following courses is most appropriate for you: (Wri 105, Wri 111, Wri 210, Wri 212 or FYS 100). It does not automatically register you or give credit for any course. Your DSP recommendation is not a required placement. The DSP gives you feedback so that you can make an informed decision about your writing or first-year seminar course preference; you are not required to align your registration preference with your DSP recommendation.
  • A DSP recommendation for a 200-level writing course does not exempt you from the WRI 111 course requirement. Unless you have AP or IB credit for WRI 111, you must fulfill this requirement by successfully completing a WRI 111 course.
  • Your DSP recommendation, which was sent the morning of 6/22, includes links to the Living Learning Community Survey (Due Monday, June 25th) and the Writing Course Survey (Due July 6th). Please read the survey thoroughly before submission.
  • Survey responses cannot be changed once submitted.
  • If you submitted your DSP by June 21st, but did not receive your recommendation, please contact

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