Foreign Language Placement

If You Scored:Foreign Language RequirementYou Should Register For:
6 or 7 in IB Arabic LanguageNot SatisfiedArabic 201
3 in AP Chinese Language and CultureNot SatisfiedChinese 153
4 in AP Chinese Language and CultureNot SatisfiedChinese 201
5 in AP Chinese Language and CultureSatisfiedChinese 220
3, 4, or 5 in AP French
6 or 7 in IB French
Not SatisfiedFrench 214
(French 212 or French 213 are acceptable as well)
3 in AP GermanNot SatisfiedGerman 210 or German 212
4 in AP GermanNot SatisfiedGerman 212
5 in AP GermanSatisfiedAny upper-level German course
3 in AP JapaneseNot SatisfiedJapanese 153
4 in AP JapaneseNot SatisfiedJapanese 201
5 in AP JapaneseSatisfiedJapanese 220
1 or 2 in AP LatinNot SatisfiedCourse placement determined by Foreign Language Placement Test
3 in AP LatinNot SatisfiedLatin 153
4 or 5 in AP LatinNot SatisfiedLatin 211
Latin 212
3 in AP Spanish LanguageNot SatisfiedSpanish 212
4 or 5 in AP Spanish Language
6 or 7 in IB Spanish
Not SatisfiedSpanish 212
Spanish 280 (recommended)
Spanish 290
3, 4, or 5 in AP Spanish LiteratureSatisfiedSpanish 280 (recommended)
Spanish 290

1. For more information on foreign language placement for languages not reflected in the above table, please consult the University Registrar’s webpage. [AP & IB Placement]

2. Students who receive credit for German 212 but wish to take German 212 at WFU, may petition the German and Russian Department to have their AP credit changed to German 210 or 214 as applicable

3. Spanish 280 satisfies the language requirement, counts towards the Spanish major or minor, and is recommended if you think you may pursue a Spanish major or minor. If you scored a 4 or 5 in AP Spanish Language, you are prepared for this class. You may enroll in Spanish 290 if there are no seats in Spanish 280.

4. Spanish 212 may be taken if you scored a 4 or 5 on the AP Spanish Language exam but are fairly certain that you will not be pursuing Spanish at Wake Forest. This class does not count towards the major or minor.