First Year Students FAQ

Welcome First Year Students!

Hopefully, you have found the New Students Website useful thus far. Even with all of the information provided, we know that navigating and understanding the academic policies, rules, and regulations at Wake Forest can be overwhelming. To assist you all as you begin your journey here at Wake Forest, we in the Office of Academic Advising have put together the following list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help you better navigate your first semester.

Where can I find a digital version of the Undergraduate Bulletin?
As the 2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin has not yet been released, digital versions of prior Undergraduate Bulletins can be read here.

Where can I find information regarding obtaining AP and/or IB credit?
Information regarding AP and IB credit is found on The Office of the University Registrar’s website.

Is there an easy way to find out which courses satisfy Wake Forest Core, Divisional, Cultural Diversity, and Quantitative Reasoning requirements?
The full list of courses that satisfy the aforementioned requirements can be found in our “Course Completion Checklist under the Course Listings and Requirements heading in the section titled “Academic Information For Students.”

Where can I find a listing of WRI 111 and FYS 100 sections being offered this semester?
The list of available WRI 111 sections is found on the English Department’s homepage.
The list of available FYS 100 sections is found on the Dean of the College homepage.

Where can I find information on the Living Learning Communities being offered?
Visit our page on Living Learning Communities.

How does advising work at WFU?
Every incoming student (first year or transfer) will be assigned a faculty member as a lower-division adviser (first year and sophomores) along with student adviser.. Student Advisers are continuing students who have been successful through their first year(s) of college and wish to share their knowledge with the incoming student. Incoming students will receive extra support and outreach from their student advisers and lower-division advisers within the first semester to ensure that they are adjusting to campus life at Wake Forest.

At 40 hrs of completed credit, students will be assigned or an academic adviser with the department of the major and minor selected. Students must meet with their advisers prior to each semesters’ registration to discuss current semester concerns, future course selection, and obtain their PIN (personal identification number) to use for their given registration period. We encourage all students to meet with their assigned advisers throughout the year for any academic advice, concerns, or just everyday guidance in navigating college.

How can I get advising assistance prior to Round I of Registration and/or completing my Course Preference Survey?

Where can I find information on the WFU Academic Requirements?

How is my foreign language placement determined?
Your foreign language placement will be determined by your AP/IB scores or your score on the Foreign Language Placement Test that you should complete prior to registration.

I have completed courses at another college or university prior to enrolling at Wake Forest. How do I make sure Wake Forest has that information?

The Office of the University Registrar has detailed information on how to make sure that all of your prior college coursework is considered for credit at Wake Forest.

What academic resources are available to me on campus?
Available on-campus resources can be found in our list of Student Support Services  under the “For Students” menu title of our homepage.

Where can I find information on how to obtain needed academic or physical accommodations?
Information on the Disability Services and Accommodations offered at Wake Forest can be found on the Learning Assistance Center’s homepage. Accommodations are handled jointly by Student Health Service and the Learning Assistance Center.

What Pre-Professional Programs (Pre-Health, Pre-Allied Health, Pre-Law, Pre-Business) are available on campus and where can I find the requirements for reach?
A list of the available pre-professional programs, their websites, and contact person(s) can be found in the Pre-Professional Advising” under the “For Students” menu title of our homepage. The following videos also provide pertinent information:
Pre-Law & other Graduate Programs

What do I need to know regarding adding or dropping a course?
Information on how to add or drop a course, as well as how to register for more than 17 hours, can be found on the “Course Adjustment Policies” page under the “Information and Forms” section.

How can I make an appointment with the Office of Academic Advising?
Appointments can be made with the Office of Academic Advising either in person in Reynolda 125 or via telephone at (336) 758-3320. General questions or concerns can be directed to the Office of Academic Advising via email at