Final Exams: May 4-11th … Final Exam Policy

by on April 25, 2018

End of spring semester has arrived. View the 2017-2018 exam schedule

  • Plan your schedule (time to study, exercise, and submit all assignments)
  • Attend review sessions, prepare with classmates and tutors, and ask professors!
  • Be CONFIDENT in what you have studied and learned.
  • Stay hydrated and well fed.
  • Sleep is required.
  • Meet with professors if you have any concerns (see policy below). 

The College faculty has approved the Final Exam Policy: Students should have no more than two exams in a 24-hour period. They should be allowed to reschedule exams in excess of two in a 24-hour period.

Resources for Seniors:

Checklist for Commencement

If concerned about eligibility, please read: Permission to Participate in Commencement

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