Course Adjustment Policies

Drop/Add Policy
The Drop/Add period begins on the first day of classes. Full-term courses may be added via WIN during the first two weeks of the semester. In cases where the course is full or access is restricted, adding a course may require permission of instructor in the form of a “Permission of Instructor” (POI) number, which may be used on WIN, or a signed add slip, which should be taken to the Registrar’s Office (110 Reynolda Hall). After the last day to add, courses may only be added by having a Late Add Request approved by a consultation with your academic adviser, Office of Academic Advising, and/or the Committee on Academic Affairs.

The Drop period continues for approximately three more weeks after the last day to add courses. As long as a student will not be left with fewer than 12 hours, full-term courses may be dropped in WIN up to the specified drop date. (Part-of-term classes have their own drop/add deadlines.) Please see the Academic Calendar for all deadlines.

For specific drop/add dates and deadlines for both the Fall and Spring semesters, please consult the academic calendar found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Adding More than 17 hours
Taking more than 17 hours requires special permission.  You must complete the Exceed 17 Hour Limit Form icon-pdf-1 in order to register for more than 17 hours. Permission from your adviser and the Dean (from the Office of Academic Advising ) are required to complete the form. Exceeding 21.5 hours requires additional permission from the Committee on Academic Affairs (CAA).

Contact the Office of Academic Advising at (336) 758-3320 for additional information on course overloads.

Optional Pass/Fail Courses
To encourage students to venture into fields outside their major areas of competence and concentration, the College makes available the option, under certain conditions, of registering in courses on a pass/fail basis. Courses taken under the pass/fail option yield full credit when satisfactorily completed but, whether passed or not, are not computed in the grade point average.

First-year students are not eligible to elect the pass/fail mode, but may enroll for courses offered only on a pass/fail basis. Second, third and fourth-year students at Wake Forest may elect no more than 4 pass/fail hours in a given semester.

The last day to change from grade mode to pass/fail is the drop date. The last day to change from pass/fail to grade mode is the Friday of the twelfth week of the semester.

A student may count no more than 18 hours taken on a pass/fail basis toward the degree.

Courses used to fulfill core, quantitative reasoning, cultural diversity, major, minor, or certificate program requirements may not be taken on a pass/fail basis unless they are offered only on that basis.

Courses in the major(s) not used for satisfying major requirements may be taken on a pass/fail basis if the department of the major does not specify otherwise and if the student obtains the written or electronic permission of his or her academic adviser and the course instructor.

Any student who is eligible to enroll for pass/fail credit must follow the prescribed enrollment process overseen by the Office of the University Registrar. No courses in the School of Business may be taken pass/fail unless they are offered only on that basis.

When space is available after the registration of regularly enrolled students, others may request permission of the instructor to enter the course as an auditor.  An audited course may not be changed to a course taken for credit, or a credit course changed to an audit course after the first official day of classes for each term. Students must request a course as an audit through a process handed in the Office of the University Registrar.