2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

by on July 3, 2018
The new Undergraduate Bulletin is located at: https://bulletin.wfu.edu/

Wake Forest University’s Undergraduate Bulletin for 2018-19 utilizes CourseLeaf software, which allows universities to oversee the editing and publication of online catalogs and bulletins. Some of the features of the new academic bulletin include:

  • Course information is integrated with the Student Information System to allow for course information to be better checked for accuracy.
  • The bulletin has the same look and feel as other WFU sites.
  • The program filter function allows students to browse and discover new programs based on academic areas of interest.
  • Searchable listings are available for faculty, administrators, and committees.
  • The entire bulletin can be downloaded and printed if a paper copy is desired for in-office advising.
  • Academic bulletins from previous years will be archived and readily available.

As your prepare your schedule, please reference the Undergraduate Bulletin for department and program searches, course descriptions, course prerequisites/co-requisites, etc. This is a primary source to access many resources, including the academic services calendar.

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